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How It Works

It's really simple to play, all you need to do is place what you believe is the going to be the lowest unique bid on a product and if you predict correctly when the 'remaining bids' hit zero, you win!

A unique bid is a single bid that has been placed on one of our auctions, BUT it is only classed as unique if no other member has placed a bid of the same amount. If another member has placed the exact same bid, then both bids are classed as non-unique.

Here's an example from a previous auction won by member QwertyWon.

This Smartphone Plane was won for £0.06p because QwertyWon placed a lowest unique bid of £0.06p. Other members did bid lower than £0.06p however because non of them we're unique and had multiple bids they we're not considered as the lowest unique when the auction ended.

Here's a snapshot of the bid history on this product; (view the entire history here)

As you can see from the snapshot, when the auction ended the lowest unique bid was by QwertyWon for £0.06p. 

The bids below £0.06p were not the lowest unique bids because more than 1 user had placed the same value.

The next lowest unique bid in this auction was £0.09p, but there is only 1 winner per auction. 

Placing Bids

Each auction that you place a bid in will show your bid history, and when you place a bid you will see 1 of 3 messages;

Awesome, you predicted a lowest unique bid, which means you're currently winning this auction. ' - If you see this message once you've placed a bid, good news! You're currently winning the auction and you predicated a lowest unique bid.

Your bid is unique but not the lowest. If you want to be the lowest unique bidder you will need to bid again. ' - If you see this message once you've placed a bid, it means you predicated a unique bid but not the lowest. This does still mean you can win - if the lowest unique bid value is placed again by another user and your bid value was the next unique bid you become the current winner and the lowest unique bid. However, to secure the auction we recommend bidding slightly lower than your last bid.

You're not winning this auction because the bid you just placed is not unique. ' - You guessed it, this is the message you don't want to see. This confirms that the bid value you just placed already has multiple bids and therefor is not the lowest unique bid.


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